Great Suggestions On How To Create A Good Final College Thesis

College theses are one of the most stressful pieces of writing that students will ever have to do, at one of the most stressful times in their lives! Even knowing where to start is tough. But don’t despair! Noted below are some great suggestions on how to go about writing a good college thesis.

  • If possible, find something you are passionate about
  • If you have a bit of flexibility regarding the exact subject matter of your thesis, try to make sure that you will end up writing about something you are passionate about. It is much easier to write about the things you are genuinely interested in. If, of course, you cannot write about something you actually like, then things can be a bit more difficult. However, don’t despair! Just make sure you try to find things to interest you about the subject matter at hand and the creative process will soon take over!

  • Don’t waffle!
  • It is so obvious, especially in a thesis, when a student cannot think of something to write and just wants to fill up the word count, and then just waffles on and on, writing lots but saying nothing. The people marking your work will spot this a mile away, and your marks will drop drastically. There will be plenty of things to talk about in any given thesis because the essay titles - if they are set ones - will be on subjects broad enough to be covered in the assigned word count. It is your job then to make sure that every word counts. When you write something, ask yourself ‘what is this sentence/paragraph doing? Is it necessary?’ If the answer is ‘yes’, then keep it. If not, get rid of it and write something that counts!

  • Do really great research
  • Sometimes, the writing style doesn’t matter as much as the content, especially in theses where you have had to do a lot of research. What you are saying is almost always more important than how you say it. If you worry about the style you write in, make sure that your content is especially good. Check and double check all your facts and sources and acquaint yourself with every possible side of the argument. Even if you do not directly write about all the information you have gathered, it will still shine through in your writing, which will sound all the better for it!