How To Cite A Dissertation In The APA Format: General Instructions

When you are writing a dissertation, one of the most challenging aspects you will face is the citation page. You are required to cite any source you use both within the text, and in the reference page at the end of the finished product.

APA style requires a different citation based on the type of source you are using as well as the number of authors for that source. It is best to refer to the APA handbook for citation information, as it will explain the proper punctuation and format for each type of course and for each type of author.

Generally speaking, in text-citations include the last name, followed by the date of the publication. If there are more than 3-4 authors, the first author’s last name can be listed as it appears in the reference page, and then “et. al.” included after that to refer to the remainder of the other authors. You can also refer to the authors within your text, followed by the date of the publication in parenthesis.

  • When you are preparing for dissertation you must make sure that you plan ahead and that you are persevering. Planning ahead will help you to make a lasting impression as a student and will help you to obtain success. Perseverance will help you to at last proof to your doctoral committee that you have what it takes to make an active contribution to your field.

  • Your dissertation is a formal document which argues in defense of your thesis. Your thesis must be something which is original and substantial. You must perform research to support your thesis and to highlight what original contributions you're making to your field.

  • When writing the dissertation your job is to select a hypothesis and then collect evidence to support your hypothesis or denies it. You can write your dissertation in defense of a particular thesis and in doing so you must collect evidence that supports your thesis. One of the most difficult aspects of writing any dissertation is organizing the evidence that you find into a coherent discussion. The essence of your dissertation is not experimental data but really critical thinking. The analyses that you form are the foundation of your work. Your dissertation should concentrate on principles. It should state lessons that are learned from facts, not just the facts themselves.