Writing Tips: How Long Should Your Dissertation Chapters Be?

There is no determined length for a dissertation chapter. Some papers are 150 pages in length, other contain 300 or even over 500 pages. The length of a chapter isn’t the most important thing. The main idea is that each chapter should serve a different purpose and contain relevant information. It’s your choice to make some sections larger if it’s necessary. However, make sure that your paper consists of such components:

  1. Abstract.
  2. This is a short summary of your entire project. Briefly describe the contents of each chapter, including the results of your research.

  3. Introduction.
  4. Here, you should indicate the aims and objectives of your study. Explain the key terms and concepts. Mention your hypothesis and rationale. It’s also advisable to state the limitations of your research.

  5. Literature review.
  6. This section describes the literature related to your topic and research field. You should also indicate the importance of your contribution to the development of this literature. Mention the first major work in the field and different schools of thought.

  7. Methodology.
  8. Here, you should write in detail about methods that you used to achieve your results. You should explain why you decided to use these particular strategies and describe your actions thoroughly so that the reader can duplicate them.

  9. The results and discussion.
  10. First, you should present the raw figures without expressing any opinions about them. When your findings are introduced and described, you may start discussing them. This is the part where you may express your own opinion on the matter and state whether you expected such results.

  11. Conclusion.
  12. In this part of a dissertation, you should summarize the main points of your study and indicate the significance of your research. You should also offer the reader a few ways to continue your investigation.

  13. Bibliography.
  14. This is the section where you list materials that you used in your study.

  15. Appendices.
  16. Here, you should include additional materials that couldn’t be placed in the middle of the paper, like graphs, tables, and so on.

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