A Brief Manual On Writing A Master's Dissertation Title Page

This is a brief manual on how to write a Master’s dissertation title page. The process of producing this important introduction to this paper is intricate, complex and requires both a studious and professional approach. This manual highlights the important areas that students who are preparing to do Master’s should focus on.

The research proposal

Before considering how to write your first page you need to take into account what feedback you have received from the proposal you made to your college board. If they approved your proposal, they will also have given you a detailed written response of what they would like to see your dissertation. A successful presentation should be seen as the introduction to the writing of your title page. Emphasis is placed on your argument or line of enquiry.

Motivating and substantiating the dissertation

A lot of self-motivation and testing stages are required to see if your original thoughts have any credence. You also need to begin preparations for transforming subjective ideas into objective, theoretical and research-based ideas. During this planning stage, less thought should be given to the actual title and emphasis should be placed on the concretization of your drafted summations into a coherent whole which, in turn, will correspond well to the production of an academic document.

Reading and research

It is premature to suggest that most of the reading and research had been completed by the time you presented your research proposal to your future mentor. The high academic standards of your university require you to be as detailed and methodical as possible. Best practices for research include revisiting areas already covered. This goes hand in hand with extended areas that open the door to new, untested lines of enquiry. A peer review mechanism is also in place to test whether your research will be effective for its final conversion to a well-presented paper.

Preparing the title page

By focusing on all the academic requirements towards completing your senior degree, there is still room to maneuver during the writing process. It begins with structured drafting and continues with some revisions. At its conclusion, the title page will be indicative of your coherent response to your own proposal that allows you to focus on the creation of an original and thought-provoking leading page.

The above manual is an abbreviated version of the project work required to formulate a Master’s title page. Following the notes here should guide you on how to begin preparing your work.