A Quick Guide To Completing A Dissertation In Accounting And Finance

Its your final year and you’re having trouble with your dissertation, no need to worry, you can easily find professional assistance and all that is required is internet access. You’re not the first student to have a hard time completing their paper in a satisfactory manner. Aside from the pressure of one’s diploma laying in the balance, this task is a new experience for many and it can be confusing.

Don’t let the importance of the task fool you, anyone can complete a dissertation in accounting and finance with only a little effort. The first step is to have a positive attitude and approach the task with a little thought. The following points will outline a simple guide that can be applied to any paper to make life much easier for the student:

  1. Select a topic of research that coincides with real life situations
  2. Selecting a topic is a major step in completing any dissertation and should be done with care. By choosing a topic that deals with real life situations, one can be certain that information on the topic will be attainable through conventional methods.

  3. Create a powerful thesis statement
  4. A thesis statement is an important part of any dissertation as it can guide the direction the study takes, as well as define what your intentions in writing the paper are. Keep your statement short and to the point, make it a strong and compelling with a clear message or claim.

  5. Use graphical representations for presentation of data
  6. Data presentation can truly make a difference and many people prefer to see a graph or chart to represent vital information instead of looking at a list of numbers.

  7. End with a strong conclusion
  8. Your conclusion is as important as your opening statement and should be made with confidence. While presenting your information in the body of your essay, keep in mind that you are working towards a conclusion and be sure that your final statement is fully supported by your data.

  9. Include a proper reference system
  10. It its avoidable using information gathered from the published works of other authors and proper notes should be included in your paper to indicate which parts of your paper were quoted. Depending on the format of your paper, you should already have an existing system for citations, be thorough and include all relevant information.