Fourteen Philosophy Thesis Topic Ideas for University Students

A thesis is the most complex academic paper that students are assigned to write in universities. If you’re struggling with finding a good topic for your philosophy thesis, you may look at the list below.

  1. Contemporary regime changes and ideas of Hobbes.
  2. Discuss in your paper whether recent changes in Egypt and Libya confirm the view of Hobbes on the relationship between citizens and sovereign authority.

  3. Comparison between Plato’s allegory about slaves in the cave and influence of modern social media.

    Slaves that are chained in the cave see only what they are allowed to see. Discuss whether modern people are controlled by social media in the same way.

  4. Civil religion of Rousseau against The Laws of Plato.
  5. Do research and try to compare what means are better for strengthening the legislator: civil religion proposed by Rousseau or ideas of Plato.

  6. Paradigm shift of Kuhn and current economic crisis.
  7. Investigate whether the events that are happening in the modern economic world may be the example of Kuhnian paradigm shift.

  8. Well-being and its philosophy.
  9. Discuss in your thesis whether well-being of a country should be calculated by its economic health or rather by happiness of its citizens.

  10. Malebranche and his view of God.
  11. Analyze the ideas related to God proposed by philosopher Malebranche and explore why Catholic Church prohibited his works.

  12. Ideas of Locke about the state of nature.
  13. Try to interpret the statements of Lock related to people living in a state of nature. What did he mean by that?

  14. The European Union and the model of perpetual peace.
  15. Analyze in your paper to what extent the structure of the European Union coincides with perpetual peace of Kant.

  16. The concept of a human in the modern world.
  17. Explore what this concept means today, taking into account the possibilities given by the latest scientific discoveries.

  18. Simulation games and realistic physics.
  19. Do research and analyze what should be added to simulation games to make them feel realistic, but without making them too hard for players.

  20. Should we reach for immortality?
  21. Discuss whether it’s good to become immortal or only our mortality makes us human.

  22. Does form always follows function?
  23. Explore whether form always follows function or it’s possible to go against this dogma.

  24. Cloning and ethical issues.
  25. Discuss the concept of cloning and investigate why it’s bad from the ethical point of view.

  26. Different views on the concept of justice.
  27. Do research and discuss whether there is a true justice or it’s always subjective.