Five Interesting Ideas For Your Psychology Dissertation

There is never a shortage of ideas to write about for a psychology dissertation. There are always new and emergent theories, drugs, and therapies designed to treat the main ailments that plague individuals in relation to their mental health.

I have some interesting suggestions that can help you to make your dissertation more interesting to write, easier to write, and some suggestions on topics of interest right now.

First, View What Other Students Have Said

One of the best ways to reassure yourself that you are on track with your dissertation AND to expose yourself to more and more research—research that you might not have unearthed on your own—is to view other student’s dissertations—especially their extensive Works Cited Areas—why? Every paper student has a whole committee of professionals helping them. And these PhDs in Psychology that are on their paper committee will have advised them on different articles, interviews, book length studies and peer reviewed studies that they would not have discovered without their help.

By Inter library loaning or finding a dissertation in your library stacks (ask your university librarian) that is on your topic area, you can scan these writer’s works cited areas for all kinds of research to bind to your own—also, you can steal their citations as well, saving you the time of translating complex data into MLA, APA, or Chicago Style.

Also, you will benefit from viewing how they have phrased, quoted, paraphrased, and organized their dissertation as well. There is nothing more reassuring than seeing an example all laid out in front of you.

One benefit of viewing a dissertation from your own school is that this student, if you pick a very recent paper, will have had to follow the exact same paper formatting guidelines as you will. So you can look to them for formatting help.

Topic Ideas

  1. Borderline Personality Disorder: The 21st Century Psychological Ailment and One That Needs More Drastic Attention
  2. Just What is Borderline Personality Disorder and How Should We Treat It: Advice from the World’s Best Psychologists
  3. ADD/ADHAD: Have We Over-Diagnosed or Under-Diagnosed This Disorder In Children
  4. ADD / ADHAD Medications: New Theories on Medication for ADD/ADHAD and Theories They May Lead to More Addictive Drugs and Behaviors Later
  5. New Ideas in the Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: Where Are We going, Where Have We Been