A List Of Great Dissertation Topics In Architecture

Students who take up architecture in postgraduate course have to deal with dissertation papers. Now, some of these topics may be quite complex and a few may tend to appear simplistic; just like the designs of various houses.

Worthy cross analysis

The student has to be clear and progressive; just as the bold lines and façade of a building. The dissertation should cross-analyze points of interest and shed light on the matter from different angles. The emphasis is to find solution; pose breakthrough ideas.

Here are ten dissertation topics and what they cover –

  1. Should modern architecture be utilitarian or aesthetic? – The world is divided into two factions; functionality and decoration. Question is; how should a house be created; in a utilitarian way or an aesthetic one.
  2. Who should be at the forefront – Architect or architecture? – This is a valid question. Should the architect’s work be so impressionist that you know it is a certain individual’s work just by looking at it?
  3. What role does architecture play in development of formative minds? – We are all byproducts of where we live. Elaborate on the impact architecture has on youth mindset.
  4. A take into the different styles of Australian houses through the last 2 centuries – From worker’s cottage to Modernist Pavilion – Australia has seen many upheavals since the start of 19th century. Write a dissertation on the impact of these on its changing architecture over the period.
  5. Is Modern Architecture wearing an invisibility cloak? Should things actually be so minimal? – The modern house invariably has minimalistic arrangement. This makes many yearn for chandeliers, ornate walls and richly furnished living room. Explain whether the desire should be served.
  6. A tour through the changing architecture in Britain and the impact of diverse nationalities on it – Take a factual tour with a different perspective. Look into the impact of colonialism and social mindset on the precept.
  7. How much is the impact of restrictions imposed on architect; courtesy land rules, topography limitations and council alerts? – Should architecture be allowed full leeway as art is accorded? This is an eminent topic for dissertation.
  8. The various environmental steps taken by modern architect and its sustainability – The modern houses are made with ecology in mind. Discuss the sustainability aspect of these steps.
  9. Elaborate on the innumerable potential of designs on spaces – There are countless things you may do with free space. The topic merits dissertation.
  10. Building of architecture – Architecture is still in its growing phase, or so thing many. Elaborate on where it is poised to go.