A List Of Potential Dissertation Topics On Higher Education Leadership

Those who are in charge of the nation’s high educational institutions have a huge responsibility. Not only do they have a responsibility to individual students, but the responsibility extends to society as a whole, as it is young generations who will have a huge influence on the success of a nation in the future, as a result of the education that they receive.

Whilst some individuals who are in leadership roles in higher education institutions will not necessarily have a great deal of experience teaching, others will have gained promotions in order to get to that level. As a result, there are many different ways in which you can look at a topic such as higher education leadership. In fact, it is also possible to look at the topic in terms of positions in the government, such as those relating to politicians who are responsible for policies relating to education.

If you are studying about higher education leadership then you may want to write a dissertation at some point, in which case you will probably want to think of a good topic to write about. As mentioned, you can approach the topic in a variety of different ways; and some of the ideas below should help you to think of a good topic.

  • What role should head teachers have in the schools that they run?
  • An analysis of the amount of money that is paid to head teachers and other administrative staff in Atman funded schools in comparison with those in private schools
  • To what extent should the leadership be held accountable for failing standards in high educational institutions and how much of the blame falls on individual teachers?
  • An analysis of the methods that are used to assess the qualities and skills of individuals in higher education leadership positions
  • A comparison of higher education leadership in the United States and the United Kingdom
  • Should teachers who are promoted to leadership roles in higher educational institutions still actively take part in teaching students, or should they spend more time running things?
  • A comparison of leadership techniques in higher education in each decade of the 20th and 21st centuries
  • An analysis of how students view those in leadership positions in higher education institutions
  • An analysis of the background of individuals in leadership positions in institutions of higher education
  • What are the necessary qualities that will help somebody to succeed when taking on a leadership role in a higher education institution?