Inventing Original Law Dissertation Ideas: Practical Instructions

Law is a frustrating study for most and only moderately crippling for some. The avenues and issues that arise when discussing a seemingly simple, straight forward issue pertaining to justice can often turn out to be surprisingly difficult to resolve.

When searching for an idea on which to write a law dissertation on, there are many factors you should consider before deciding on a topic choice. A simple over sight could cost you hours of work or research and this must be avoided at all cost. In the following point I will outline several tricks to help you select an excellent topic that is both impressive and practical to you:

  1. Find issues of law that are unresolved
  2. The best type of research is one focused on challenging new ideas and unresolved topics, it is much more inspiring to do work that may actually contribute to society than to simply repeat the same, easy experiment that every student before you has done.

  3. Brainstorm ideas pertaining to your previous list
  4. Brainstorming is an ancient art that often breeds some original and innovative ideas. Doing it is simple, simply consider your theme and record every single thought that comes to your head, it works better in groups so don’t hesitate to invite some friends in on the process.

  5. Analyze which of the problems you can make headway with
  6. Consider all your options and choose carefully. You want to pick a topic that is both interesting and one that you are capable of solving or making real progress on. Consider the practically of carrying out investigations, the availability of information and its relevance to society before making your choice.

  7. Eliminate cliche and common topic choices
  8. Avoid common topics and ones that make use of cliche, these are often over done and boring because every student before you has done them so nothing new will be gained from doing them. These include topics dealing with gender rights, sexuality and discrimination.

  9. Find a way of relating your chosen topic to your life
  10. One of the simplest ways to create an impact is to be personally affected by a personal issue and then go about it with your own interests on the line. Motivation is a major part of accomplishment, if you are highly motivated to accomplish or solve a problem because of personal gain, it makes it more likely that you will succeed.