English Dissertation Writing Tips: How To Compose The Reference Page Properly

You may think it is difficult to complete your assignment on time because you do not have an interest in the subject or cannot concentrate on the lecture no matter how hard you try. There is not a single reason only for why you cannot concentrate on your assignments or complete your dissertation tasks in this subject and it may happen due to certain reasons. You might be uncomfortable writing this project because you are not familiar with format and structure you are to use. You may be too worried about getting an approval for your paper that you are afraid to write your paper. You may not have enough knowledge or time to compose a reference page properly. You have had a bad experience writing this type of assignment and you do not want to risk your paper again

Yet a number of other reasons too

You need to understand that the dissertation is important but at the same time, it is not impossible. Plenty of students write these academic projects on a regular basis and never face any serious issues. It is normal for students to get nervous or worried but there is nothing horrifying about writing a dissertation or formatting certain sections in it

The reference page is the last thing about your paper where you include all the citations and sources that you used in your paper. This helps the future researchers and readers to aid further research and your teachers to make sure you used the data from the authenticated sources. It is important to note that all the references should appear in the same order they were in your body of the paper and do not miss to write any reference that you cited in the body of your paper

  1. The title of this page is supposed to be references and should not have any special formatting but needs to be centralized. You can use a legible font to write this section of your paper
  2. The entries should appear in a chronological order like the way they appeared in your body of the paper
  3. The names of the authors need to be inside inverted commas in your reference page
  4. If you are referring to a journal or book that has a loner title than you should consider writing it in italic fonts