Preparing A PhD Dissertation Defense Presentation: 5 Simple Rules

Are you worried because you want to prepare a winning presentation for your university and the doctorate degree? Do you want to perform well and impress your fellow colleagues and researchers with an engaging presentation? Do you think it is important for the audience to pay attention to each slide individually if they want to understand the scope of your research? Do you feel that your project is original and needs careful attention from the official committee members and rest of the audience? Are you afraid because you are not good at designing and have a poor aesthetic sense?

Here are some important tips to help students create a great presentation for their PhD degree

  1. You need to make sure that you use legible fonts, highlight text, and relevant images in all the slides. You can use search to find the most attractive, professional or formal colors. You can use a different color tone and code for different tones in your slides. This helps achieve a harmony in your paper. Even if you are not good at designing, you can use a template for your assignment, ask a friend, or peer to help you out. Remember that the audience will only find your paper impressive if they understand each and every slide

  2. All sections in your paper need to have their presence on the slides in ratio to their importance in the overall research. You can have a shorter slide for acknowledgements and citations and spend more time on theoretical concepts in your paper

  3. The last thing you want your audience to spot is a typo or a grammatical mistake in your paper. It will ruin the overall impression of your paper if it has such minor errors. You need to proofread each slide before the presentation day

  4. You need to look good and professional for this special day. The defense for our PhD is an important occasion in your life and you do not want to go in any casual dressing or a messed up hairstyle. You need to look good and formal so that you feel more confident about yourself

  5. Maintain an eye contact on and off with your audience. Do not stare at them or look them straight in the eye for longer. You need to maintain a good environment with all of your audience and have the sound body gestures and postures.