How to Find a Reliable Custom Dissertation Writing Agency

Many dissertation students need help at some point of their work, and it is preferable that this help comes from professionals. Choose the best writing helper with this checklist.

Check the company’s registration.

The first thing you should find out about every dissertation service you consider is whether it is legal in your country. If you live in the UK, look for UK-based services with a Companies House number; if you are in the US, choose a company registered here. When you can’t see any registration data and physical address on the website, it can mean that the service operates from a third-world country. If things go wrong with your dissertation, it will be almost impossible to call them to account. As a result, such companies might not bother much to deliver high-quality work.

Check how solid the website looks.

A writing service would have as good a website as it can afford. As these services mainly operate online, their website is their most powerful marketing tool. If the site has eye-pleasing design, convenient navigation, and well-written texts, this company is probably a reliable one. A scammer would not be willing to invest money into an expensive-looking website. They prefer to attract trustful students by other means, such as prices much lower than average in the market.

Check the quality guarantees.

A reputable service should return all your money if your dissertation fails, or if plagiarism is detected in it. However, the promises made on the website page are null and void from the legal point of view. Look for those written into the text of the user agreement you sign. Remember that customer satisfaction guarantees like these will only work if the company is registered in the US or the UK.

Check your writer’s qualifications.

The competence of your writer is no less important than that of the team in general. Your writer is a person who will actually deal with your paper, and you need to make sure that he or she is an expert. Ask what other dissertations the writer has completed, on what subjects and for what universities. Try to find them online. The samples of your writer’s previous work can tell more of his or her research and writing skills than even their academic record.

Check the delivery options.

In case with a dissertation, it is vital that your writer agrees to deliver it by chapters. You might need to submit them to your advisor for feedback, in order to see what you do right or wrong. Moreover, a good writing service should also allow you to pay in installments, upon the completion of each chapter. Buying a dissertation online, you risk a great deal of money and your academic reputation as well. By arranging a chapter-by-chapter delivery and payment, you can minimize these risks.