A List Of Impressive Dissertation Topics In Cardiology

Doctors come in many specialties depending on the particular field of medicine they felt most drawn to. If you are studying with the aim of joining their ranks then cardiology might be something you consider. There is an even greater need for people who understand the intricacies of heart function and can help those who have problems with this particular organ. Unlike some minor health ailments, any thing related to the heart can result in death because this organ is so essential. In coming up with a topic for your dissertation consider the following:

  • How many other students are pursuing similar tracks
  • This gives you a clue of how far off the beaten track you should venture to be original. If everyone else has a similar idea in mind, you should return to the drawing board. The concept you admire will only make you blend in more.

  • How much individuality your professor can handle
  • If you are a free spirit and would like to write something unexpected and know just where to start, you may need to assess the situation carefully before progressing. If you do not, you can end up writing something brilliant that your professor is simply not ready for. This can lead you to earn lower marks than you deserve.

  • How much effort the project will take as relates to what you can do
  • Ambition is a wonderful trait but medicine is an extremely difficult program. If you pick up a difficult topic but cannot complete it, you will not be praised for the idea.

Consider these ideas:

  1. How will heart function be effected by the successive epigenetic changes brought on by smart technology?
  2. Cross species transplantation: The future of heart surgery
  3. Will robotics render cardiologists obsolete?
  4. Should heart surgeons be able to earn their qualifications online?
  5. Living without a heart: Exploring machine based solutions
  6. The heart lung connection
  7. Can humans thrive with little or no exercise?
  8. Eating for health: The foods most suited to a good circulatory system
  9. Breathing as a means of regulating blood pressure
  10. Can the heart heal?

The field of medicine is an extremely rewarding one. Aside from the obvious benefit of saving lives and healing illness, you can be one of the members of society that people look up to. This article may be humble bu through the use of these topics you can gain a new insight into your profession of choice.