Searching For A Winning Dissertation Proposal Example

If you’re a student at a University who is starting to contemplate topics for one of the most challenging assignments you’ve received in your education thus far, you’re probably beginning to hunt for that perfect topic for, you guessed it, your dissertation proposal. But before you spend all that time completing that perfect paper, you must first come up with an idea worth pursuing which will act as your map or guideline in the creating of the rest of your thesis. If you’re unsure about how to go about finding an idea, take heart, the following guidelines are sure to be of help.

  • Scour the Web
  • Use Past Schol Successes
  • Old Faithful
  • Money Guarantees
  • Utilize Combined Knowledge

Here are the Details:

Scour the Web

The internet can be a great research tool. Many students find examples of winning topics online, that aids them in their effort to come up with an original proposal. An important tip to keep in mind, however, is time management. You don’t want to spend endless amounts of time searching because the internet can provide both helpful and non-helpful examples. It can take awhile to sift through and find what you’re looking for. But if you already have an idea of the direction you’re headed with your paper, the web can be a useful tool in helping you brainstorm.

Use Past School Successes

If you’ve found the internet to either be a waste of your time or you simply would like some tried-and-true guarantees, some schools offer archives where they display the papers, essays and other assignments of students who achieved awards, high grades, or, in this case, a winning dissertation topic. In these archives you’ll be able to see how they went about their assignment, the format they used, the manners in which they spoke, and from there you can pull inspiration and use it towards creating your own original idea.

Old Faithful

In some cases, professors are more than willing to sit down with their students and help them work out the kinks in their ideas when it comes to their proposal. Perhaps you have ideas, but what you lack is the knowledge of how to bring them out in an efficient manner. This is where you can seek advice from your teachers. They can help you learn ways to draw out your audience, ways to teach them, and how to round out thinking pattern. After all, not all ideas are good ones, and in this way your professors can be of assistance in helping you find the right way to go about compiling your assignment. Don’t expect easy answers or a list of successful ideas. If anything they’ll help draw out the ideas you already have, and help you build on them, until you find at least a starting point for your proposal.

Money Guarantees

Some students like to avoid all the hustle and bustle of endless researching, searching the internet and one-on-one teacher time. If you’re one of these, you may find it helpful simply to pay a service or a website for their archives examples. This option isn’t available to all students due to circumstance. However, it can be the most effective and guaranteed way to get your hands on an authentic example of the perfect dissertation. It’s important to note though if a student does decide to take this route, proper background research should be done before using websites online. You want to use a reputable service, take your time in choosing one. There are a lot of internet sites that scam students out of money, or their valuable, personal information. Research is essential.

Utilize Combined Knowledge

If all else fails, and all of your searching for a decent idea has come up dry, why not ask your friends, classmates and family what their papers where about? After all, the more ideas you have on completed thesis topics, the easier it will be for you to draw out your own inspiration and find an idea of your own. Take advantage of every resource you have available to you, ask peers and close family for help, discuss the matter with your teachers. Spend time in your school archives or your library finding ideas for your paper. Even the glimmer of an idea can start you on the path to creating a perfect dissertation that will impress your professors.