Choosing Interesting Health Science Dissertation Topics

Health Science like Computer Science is a very fast moving area of study. Although you will find that there are basic theories and principles which you need to know about in order to write your dissertation you will need to keep up to date with any major breakthroughs and developments.

So at this moment in time this is a selection of ideas that you could focus on.

  1. Depression and Anxiety in Teenagers. Discuss why at this time there seems to be a higher incidence of mental health problems in teenagers.
  2. Fast Food and Obesity. Is there a link? Are our bodies really structured to eat as much highly processed food as we do?
  3. Is there a link between ADHD and food additives? Is this just a fallacy or does ADHD really exist? What lifestyle changes can be made to eradicate ADHD?
  4. What is the real cause of cardio problems? Can it be environmental, lack of fitness, overeating or is it hereditary? What can be done to educate people?
  5. There seems to be more people today with high functioning autism. Why do you think this is the case? Is it because we are more aware of the situation?
  6. What are some of the major causes of suicide? Why do you think that suicide rates and self-harm is on the rise? What exactly is self-harm?
  7. Why do some people get allergies and not others? What is the best way to treat allergies? Are allergies on the rise and what is their link with other illnesses?
  8. What are the general procedures for organ donation? To what extent has the quality of life changed for someone who has received an organ donation?
  9. What gave rise to some of the concerns that parents have expressed about vaccinations for children? How has this affected the health of the child?
  10. How does a body adapt to receiving a donated organ? What systems are in place to help the patient adjust to their new organ?
  11. What is the medical evidence that illustrates why Vaccinations do not cause Autism in Children? How would your reassure a parent of the safety of the vaccination?
  12. Many diseases are transmitted genetically, how effective is early treatment of these diseases? How could you persuade people to get tested for these diseases?
  13. Blood types. What causes some people to be rhesus positive and others to be rhesus negative? Why does this cause a problem with blood transfusions?
  14. Is there still a stigma attached to having AIDS or being HIV positive? What can be done to help educate society?
  15. MRSA and other hospital superbugs still exist, why is there no quick cure for them? How can someone going into hospital protect themselves against these bugs?