8 Things to Remember if You Want to Find a Good

If you are working on your dissertation, there are a few easy ways that you can find a good example including:


  • Going online: If you go online, one of the benefits to doing this is you can find so many different samples that can help you to streamline your ideas.

  • Google the subject matter: By googling it or doing a general search, you can find a few ideas through the first few topics that come up. This may help you to find your topic right away, or at least give you a few ideas that you can take as you continue to search for relevant subject matter for your own thesis.

  • Hire a service: Another area that can help you, is to go on the web and actually hire a student who can give you a few different examples that you can use.

  • Look for a free service: Not only can you save money by doing this, but this will ensure that you get several different ideas that may be what you're looking for.

  • Consider also that you want to ensure you focus on what your professor is asking for. The answer may just lie in asking him or her for more color, or more detail on what they are looking for.

  • You can always ask your other classmates what they are going to come up with. Because they may have similar ideas, you can try to go in a new direction that might stand out and then ask your professor for approval.

  • You can always go to the library at your school, or check through your school's computer resources.

  • Because they have helped probably thousands of students before you, your school is well equipped to help you to come up with the appropriate materials that you need. Just try to think outside of the box because your professor might just want to see something different. Go for the ‘wow’ factor.

  • Refer to your textbook. Because this is likely going to relate to the work that you're studying in your class, you may find that a good resource is right at your fingertips. Go through the chapters and look for relevant information, and even if you have to look online to tie it into your own ideas, you should be able to find a very good dissertation example.