Fifteen Powerful Topics For Writing A Thesis In Architecture

The study of architecture can be an exciting and innovative field to write an essay on at college. You can write on the masters in the field, the different styles, and the time periods to name just a few suggestions. You can explore different magazines, journals, newspapers, and media sites for ideas. If you still do not find the perfect topic for you, feel free to use one from our list:


  1. Asian architecture-you can be specific and consider the study of Chinese or Japanese
  2. Gothic churches-Abbot Suger’s style, his background, and his education
  3. Medieval chapels-life in churches of the Middle Ages, you will want to pick a specific one or two
  4. Palaces of European monarchs-there are thousands to select from such as White Hall
  5. Frank Lloyd Wright-the man, the master, his flaws
  6. Christopher Wren-the magic he worked and who he really was
  7. Louis Sullivan-his accomplishments in the field and how he reached his pinnacle
  8. The Vatican City-this may be too large, depending on the require length of your assignment, you might want to focus on one aspect of the Vatican City
  9. The Homes of the Civil War and the South-explore the Calhoun, Pinckney, and Butler homes among others
  10. Craftsmen style cottages-you could analyze the style and the history
  11. Le Corbusier-an analysis or descriptive paper would work well with this subject
  12. Roman or Greek architecture-select one because it would be too ambitious to try to write about both, unless you wrote a compare or contrast
  13. Vernacular styles-a definition essay is perfect for this subject
  14. The Postmodern period-when and why, as well as examples of the period
  15. What is Baroque-give descriptions and specific examples

You are literally going to be describing visuals with your word. So, it is important that you select very precise words. You words need to be exact and create a picture in your audience’s mind. You will have to use references, have intext citations, follow either a MLA or APA form, and have a reference sheet. Follow all of your teacher’s instructions and meet all of the deadlines. You will need to submit the rough draft, the final draft, possibly your hard copies of sources, and the reference page. Some teachers may also require for you to submit your outline.