Fundamental Tips On How To Write A Quality Dissertation On Primary Education

Dissertation or writing a thesis is the one thing which stays with a person for years and reflects his academic learnings. It is like an asset which cannot be shown in the balance sheet unless trademarked. To write a quality dissertation a student spends months and years collecting information in form of field visit, online research, reading and whatsoever he can think of which helps him in his dissertation maybe even doing a pilot experiment on a location to understand the impact.

Primary education is a very essential part in development of humans and society as a whole. It is the pillar for future Scientists and scholars we want to see. Hence, a dissertation on primary education would require a thorough insight into the society education system both formal and informal. The fundamental tips to be followed by writing a quality dissertation are:

  • Writing the correct abstract - The abstract must reflect the techniques used to analyze the data as well as what the dissertation is for. If the abstract is not up to the mark then it could lead to confusions in mind of the reader and it won’t be easy explaining it to the judges or the panelist the thesis one has burned midnight oil for.

  • Identifying the population and sample size of the study- The researcher must have a clear view of its population of the study or the segment he wishes to do a study on. A variance in the population would lead to wrong sample population and would jeopardize the entire dissertation. For e.g. if a student want to do a dissertation on primary education of Brazil then, the average age, dropout ratio, number of students enrolled as compared to total children eligible for primary education must be numbered. The numbers must be definite with minimum variance.

  • Using current data- A lot of researchers rely on data provided by research agencies which more often than not give a data which is not current. The research companies simply calculate a ratio or percentage change in the population and revise their data. This is not the correct way to collect primary data. It is always best to go to the field and collect the data. If this is not possible then instead of spending money on research companies it’s better to pay someone else to collect data for you.

  • Writing a definite conclusion- The conclusion to a dissertation cannot have two results. Since the environment and the variables are defined then it must have only one outcome. A two outcome dissertation is a big turn off for almost every reader.